Case Studies10 August 2020Bindoon Re-roofing

Earlier in the year, Interstate Roofing WA had the opportunity to be involved in re-roofing this stunning 1920s home in Bindoon.

This roof was on its very last legs, suffering from rotten rafters which was causing it to sag under the weight of the tiles. Unfortunately for our client, this roof was not going to last another winter!


But luckily for our client, Interstate Roofing had the solution, in the form of a brand new Colorbond roof.

Careful considering was taken to ensure that the roof seamlessly blending in with the rest of the home, to preserve its heritage style.

We put our top gun roofers on this massive project and bought this roof back to life, ready to take on the next 25-30 years!

Our client was extremely pleased with her new roof, saying that the home was so much cooler on hot days with the extra insulation and that she is sleeping much better knowing that the roof isn’t going to fall down on her!

Another re-roofing well done!